Saturday, 30 January 2016

School Council's Trip to the Council Chambers!

Today School Council visited the Derby City Council Chambers. We were feeling so very excited to go somewhere we had never been before and to see where the Council meet. 'I was a bit scared because I thought it might be very big' - Alan.

When we arrived it was so windy that our hair blew left and right! Then we looked at the wooden doors outside that were very special because they were used for the old entrance to the Council Chambers. Next we went inside the building and we had to wait patiently for our turn to look around. A lady from the council showed us into a gigantic room where the Councillors have their meetings and went and fetched the Mayor to meet us all. The Mayor was very friendly and we asked him lots of questions like 'why does the meeting room need to be so big?'.

After that we were lucky enough to have a School Council meeting in the Chamber where we discussed how to create shaded places in school. Next the Mayor took us on a V.I.P tour of his office where there was lots of pictures of famous people like Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I.

'I really enjoyed this trip because it was my first time visiting the Council Chambers and I found out lots about the Mayor' - Kalpriya.

By Kalpriya and Alan