Saturday, 30 January 2016

The grand opening!

Last week we were very excited because we found out that our Sensation Activation project was in full swing and it was time to open our Sensory Square. In school we had the chance to have some special V.I.P guests from Rolls-Royce to cut the red, shiny ribbon. 

Everyone in school surrounded the Sensory Square in one big crowd to watch the grand opening and see all the new features that have been put in. We got the chance to help with the final designs for the square by measuring the pathways and deciding on the best materials to use.We decided on cobbles, fake grass, logs, ropes and some tiles for lots of different textures and things to move on. 

When the time came to open our new Sensory Square, Miss Coburn cut the ribbon with one of the V.I.P guests and we were all really joyful and delighted that that we will finally get to try all the different materials and use our Sensory Square!

By Maddie, Rehmana and Aayan